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Name:Keith Johnson
Company:Keith Johnson International
Address:Post Office Box 6777
City:Spring Hill
Country:United States of America
Phone No:3525978775
Cell No:3524425755
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Keith Johnson
Dr. Keith Johnson, America's # 1 Confidence Coach

Keith Johnson Ph.D. knows how to accelerate personal achievement and transformation of organizations and individuals everywhere. As a recognized leader in personal development and peak performance strategies, Keith has spent the last 15 years teaching thousands of people how to maximize everything they do. His newest book, The Confidence Makeover contains hundreds of the most powerful secrets to success used by top achievers from all walks of life.

Keith’s schedule keeps him on the road over 250 times a year speaking to businesses, leadership conferences, colleges, and churches.  His fast, funny, informative, and high-content talks bring about immediate changes and long term productivity in all kinds of groups.

Dr. Johnson is a prolific author, popular television personality, peak performance coach, sought after motivational speaker and is known as a pioneer in the field of personal transformation.
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